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Chocolate & Cinnamon Rolls

As'Salamualaikum Wa'Rahmatullahi Wa'Barakatuhu!!!
How about giving you all a treat? A virtual treat ?? A sweet treat??  Haha... you got me, today I'm gonna give you guys a virtual treat of Cinnamon & Chocolate Rolls. Oh, believe me, they were just amazing to eat as they look gorgeous to look. As I have already shared Cinnamon Rolls recipe before, this time I tried the dough recipe from Alyssa's blog The Recipe Critic. The recipe states quick 45 minutes cinnamon rolls and indeed it was a really quick recipe to try out. This is the easiest dough I have worked with, no sticky mess and the rolls came out beautifully. Fluffy and soft cinnamon rolls which were ready in just 45 minutes. My elder one loves the cinnamon flavour and the little one is very typical, not fond of cinnamon. So to satisfy both of their taste buds and needs, I added chocolate sauce to these rolls. Al'humdulillah they both loved it. The sugar glaze which I love in my cinnamon rolls was just …

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