Beef Pepper Fry

Ingredients :
1) Beef Boneless 1/2 kg
2) Ginger-garlic paste 1tblsp

3) Haldi/turmeric pdr 3/4 tsp
4) Garam Masala 1/2- 1tsp
5) Black pepper pdr 2-3tsp (coarsely crushed)
6) Green chillies 8-10(slit)
7) Curry leaves 10-12
8) salt to taste
9) Oil 5-6tblsp
10) Capsicum cubed 1cup

Method :
In a pressure cooker add beef cubed, adrak lessun paste, salt, haldi pdr with 1cup water and cook till beef gets tender! Once the beef get tender bhunofy till it gets semi dry!
Heat oil in a kadai, add curry leaves, green chillies and capsicum.
Saute it a little then add tender beef.
Stir, stir and stir on medium high flame.
Add Garam masala pdr, black pepper pdr and fry until u get desire color and texture!!
I Served hot with Dal Tadka/Fry and Zeera Rice

Note : if you
 like to have some masala then add one medium size onion while pressure cooking!!


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