Microwave Besan ke Laddo

****Competition Time****

                             Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!!

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As we have seen there are Masha'Allaah very talented members here in Zaiqedaar. And many of them are interested in taking part in another Competiton @ Zaiqedaar!!

Its just Another Super Quick, Easy and Mind Blowing Recipe..**Microwave Besan Laddo**

You Zaiqedaars just have to try and send us Best Pictures which will be posted Insha'Allaaah!!

The picture with more 'LIKES' will be given the title of "Best of Best Zaiqedaar"

1) Try out this Micrwave Besan Laddo recipe as soon as posibble.
2) Take a single pic with beautiful presentation.
3) If you are taking more than one pic then please make collage.
4) Send the picture in INBOX of our page Zaiqedaar.
5) Please don't post your pic on WALL of Zaiqedaar.
6) Send us the pictures till Saturday ie 22-11-2014(last day of submission)
7) We will post all the participants pics on Sunday ie 23-11-2014
8) After we post please TAG your pic with your family n friends.
9) Results will be announced on Friday 28-11-2014 In'sha'Allaah with more LIKES!!
10) If any doubts please ask here in this post itself.

As we already know that " EVERYBODY CAN COOK "
Tie your Apron and show the Best of YOU!!

We'll be waiting for your response In'sha'Allaah!!

1) Besan 2cups
(If the besan is "grainy" then let it be, If the besan is "fine" then you need to add sooji)
2) Sooji 1tbsp
3) Castor/powdered sugar 2/3cup
4) Cardamom powder 1/4tsp
5) Desi ghee 1/2cup (melt & measure)
6) Saffron a pinch (optional)

1) Melt ghee adding saffron and keep aside for 10-15mins.
2) Take a Microwavable bowl, add ghee to it.
3) Microwave for 30 seconds.
4) Add the Besan and Sooji to the ghee. Mix well.
5) Now microwave for 2 minutes, remove and mix well.
6) Again microwave for 4 mins, 1minute at a time, mixing the mixture properly in between every minute.
7) By now the besan would be nicely , evenly browned and fragrant.
8) This may differ from microwave to microwave. That's why it's important , to check after every minute. You may need a minute less or 30 seconds more, depending on the efficacy of your unit.
9) Don't let the mixture burn. At the end you will have a very powdery mixture, because we have used less ghee.
10) Now let it cool completely.
11) Next add the ground sugar and cardamom.
12) Now make laddoos . You will just have to work on a handful of mixture at a time. Binding the laddoo by repeatedly pressing in the palm of your hand.
13) You should get a dozen depending on size.
14) Garnish with pistachios or raisins.


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