Orange Trifle

Ingredients :
1) Milk 500ml
2) Sugar 2tbsp full
3) Custard pdr 3-4 tsp dissolved in little cold water/milk
4) Vanilla essence 4-5 drops 
5) Brown sugar 3tbsp
6) Chopped almonds and walnuts 3-4 tbsp
7) Oranges slices 2 cups
8) Banana 2 
9) Vanilla sponge cake slices
10) Orange marmalade/ jam
11) Orange juice 1/2 cup
12) Dream Whip 1packet

Method :
Prepare custard with 500ml milk adding sugar, custard pdr and vanilla essence.
Add brown sugar to a heated pan, stir until sugar gets melted and caramelised. Add orange slices and chopped nuts into it ,toss well,remove and let it cool.
Apply orange marmalade and pour little orange juice over the cake slices.
Take serving glasses, drizzle little orange jam on sides of the glasses. 
Place the cake slices, add chopped banana slices and few Orange slices.
Next pour custard over it, add whipped cream. Garnish with caramelised oranges and nuts. 
Serve chilled!!

Note : no hard rules.... you can add any favourite fruit instead of banana! I love banana so added!! 


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