Ladi Pav

Ladi Pav

I love baking more than anything in my kitchen. Initially, I never knew the difference between regular Pav we get in Hyderabad and famous Ladi Pav of Mumbai. And yes there is quite different in them as Hyderabadi Pavs are sweeter than Ladi Pav. Its a learning experience for me every day. Followed the recipe of Yaman's CookingShooking. The soft textured buttery rounded bread is a world of its own. They are so versatile, use them with famous spicy Bhaji of Pav bhaji, Wada Pav, Dabeli. Or use them as starters along with your soups, they even make great breakfast bread with some butter and Jam.


1) Maida/plain flour 2cups
2) Milk Powder 1-1/2 tbsp
3) Milk 1cup
4) Butter 4tsp
5) Salt 1tsp
6) Instant yeast 2tsp
7) Sugar 1tbsp
8) Melted Butter for brushing
9) Oil for greasing
10) Flour for dusting

Warm the milk, Add the sugar, yeast. Mix well and keep aside for 10 minutes.
Add the maida, salt and milk powder in your kitchen platform mix well and make a well.
After 10 minutes yeast mixture should look frothy(if it does not, then throw and restart or get another brand of yeast), Add this mix to the well and make a dough. It would be on the sticky paste side. It's absolutely perfect.
Now add the butter to the sticky paste and start kneading. It will turn from sticky mass of dough to a dough that is a dough and turns to a bowl. I mean it turns to a dough, that's when the gluten is activated and it is ready will take 15 minutes of kneading for reaching that stage. Use a scraper to scrape the dough that has stuck. And knead for 15 mins.
DO NOT add anything I mean do not add any flour or any oil or anything while kneading, all the magic happens just like that. It will be not soft if you add anything while kneading.
After 15 mins of kneading, transfer this dough to a big bowl, cover and keep aside for 45 mins to one hour.
It will double in volume after one hour, take some maida dust your hands and punch down the dough. Take out and knead for one minute, if it sticks too much, sprinkle some maida. Don't add too much maida otherwise, the pav would not be that soft.
Now divide this dough into 16 portions, about 30-31 grams each. Now keep one portion in your pan and with other hand rolls this in a circular motion to make a round shape.
Take an 8" square cake tin and grease with oil, place the shaped dough. Keep the dough portions very close touching each other. Otherwise, they won't rise up, but rise sideways and become flat.

Now cover the tin with a damp cloth and keep aside for another 40-45 mins.
Preheat your oven to 200C for 10 minutes.
Carefully remove the damp cloth after 30 minutes so that they don't stick to the cloth.
After 45 minutes, brush the pav gently with milk. Gently place the cake tin in the oven and bake for 15 minutes at 200 C.
If the buns don't look brown, bake for some more time. Take them out immediately and brush the top part with butter. Keep aside till they cool and ENJOY!


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