Awadhi Shikampuri Kabab - Guest Post For Rafeeda Of The Big Sweeth Tooth !!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!!
Alhumdulillaah as we have already witnessed the blessed month of Ramadan...I pray Allaah swt to accept our every good deeds, prayers, fasting and charity....Ameeen!!
As I completely hibernate in the month of Ramadan, because I try to focus striving hard in gaining the pleasure of our Lord, prolong for forgiveness and purify our intention for the sake of Allah.
This is my very first post as a Guest for my dear blogger friend Rafeeda. Oh yess who doesn't know her...few days back she even visited me with her awesome "Guest Post by Rafeeda"
Rafeeda asked me for guest post in Ramadan and she gave me plenty of time to make a post to her, but me who is new to this field gave her tough time submitting on time! :P Alhumdulillaah she as per her commitment published my post in Ramadan. Now as I am back from Ramadan break updating my post today. Without wasting much time lets hop on to Rafeeda's blog The Big Sweet Tooth and check out the recipe and don't forget to see her complete Ramadan guest post series. (y) 

As the event was in Ramadan, I made these yummy easy Awadhi Shikumpuri Kabab which can be made days ahead and freeze. A perfect recipe to save time spending in kitchen during Ramadan.

                I have learnt this recipe from Here giving it variations by my personal touch.

Jazakillaahu Khairan Rafeeda once again for giving me this opportunity. It was an amazing experience for me doing guest post for you. :)) I was soo glad to be on your Space.

BarakAllaaah feeki
Huggss!! XO



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