Puran Samose - Ramadan Guest Post For Lubna Of Yummy Food

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu!! :)

Alhumdulillaah...I thanks Allaah Subhanu'wa tala for giving me this opportunity and blessing me to witness another Ramadan. As Ramadan has departed us, it is hard to believe that this blessed month has ended so soon. Celebrated the end of Ramadan with act of worship and seeking forgiveness. 

As we prepare for the Eid, we make sure that everybody around us is happy and satisfied. All should participate in Eid and no one should be left behind.

That was one of the reason ramadan came to teach us how to care and share. We feed the hungry and keep Ramadan's legacy alive, by giving Zakat'l-Fitr.

Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with him narrated: “The Messenger of Allah obliged the payment of Zakat'l-Fitr, the amount of Sa' (four cupped hands) of dates, or barley. This should be paid on behalf every male and female, free or slave and adult or young, from all the Muslims.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

I ask Allah tala to accept from us the little, regardless of how much it was, of what we offered from acts of worship during the blessed month of Ramadan...Ameen!!

Next I would like to thanks from the bottom of my heart to Lubna Karim of The Kitchen Flavours  for inviting me on her global Ramadan Event "Joy From Fasting To Feasting VIII "

Alhumdulillah...as its my second post as a guest on another awesome blogger friend Lubna, I am quiet excited as the first guest post on Rafeeda's Blog. As i keep away myself from foodie world during Ramadan, Lubna's invite on her Global Event tempted me to do this post and of-course I couldn't say no to such an amazing blogger.

Lubna's Blog has many awesome recipe with amazing pictures, and it was not an easy task for me to decide what to be shared. After giving lots of thinking finally made Ramadan friendly, Iftars and Eid parties special Puran Samose...which can be made days ahead and freeze.

Without wasting much time lets hop to Lubna's Blog and check out the recipe Here- Puran ke Samose - Puran ke Samose :)

 BarakAllaahu feeki Lubna dear.
 Huggss!! XOXO


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